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1 Das-Juice
2 Vaportine
3 No. 7 eLiquid
4 HALO eJuice
5 VaporKing eLiquid
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Das-Juice All Natural E-Juice

Das-Juice - All Natural E-Juice

Welcome to the Wonderful world of Das-Juice! The Home of all natural e-juice. Das-Juice provides German made E-Liquid which is made of 100% natural ingredients. Our brand and mission is to change your perception of Vaping, so we can offer you the safest, highest quality, most flavorsome E -Liquid and related supplies available. We believe in thinking outside of the box and provide E-Juice other than the Chinese or American juice that several other companies are simply re-labeling.

VaporKing eLiquid


Vapor King Premium and The Best e-Liquid allows you to refill and reuse your electronic cigarette cartridges!
– Extensive flavor selection
– Cheaper to refill than to purchase new cartridges
– Simple to do!

HALO Smoke Juce


Halo offers the freshest, the best, 100% American Made E-Liquid with unsurpassed customer service and unprecedented Quality Control. All Halo e-liquid uses Born-On dating and Lot Number tracking, and is made using only FEMA GRAS/USP Ingredients. The quality of Halo e-liquid is light years ahead of the inferior overseas e-liquid that has seemed to flood the market.

No7 E-Liquid


Use this E-Liquid to refill your cartridges for ANY E-Cigarette model you own. Easily place a few drops into your empty or blank cartridges. We recommend this product for use with the No. 7 Micro DIY Kit or the No. 7 Classic DIY Kit. 30ML will typically fill up to 60 CARTRIDGES in the MICRO starter kit cartridge sizes. We recommend this product for ‘advanced’ users of the E-Cigarette. Please store in a cool place and avoid exposure to heat or direct sun light as it could change the consistency of the liquid.

Buy E-Cigarette Liquid

When analyzing the market of where to buy e-Cigarette-Liquid it is very easy for one to become overwhelmed at the options and alternatives. Even if we take out the multiple choices of flavors and nicotine strengths, or where the E- Cigarette liquid is made, the question arises, what is the best place and where to buy E-Cigarette Liquid? What place can you go to for expert advice, a good selection, reliable service, a good product, and actually get a good deal?

This text will review the various sources showing where to buy E- liquid and why. We’ll shed light on where you should shop for your e-Cigarette Juice purchases. The first place that comes to mind are those kiosks at the mall with the annoying sales persons making comments at you as you walk buy. Usually these avenues are small have a limited selection, offer biased advice, and charge way too much. If evaluating the inventory selection they offer most of it is made in China anyways with a monster markup. Usually these kiosks will purchase from local resellers / distributors. Another place that comes to mind is the venue of hookah stores, smoke shops, and vapor stores / lounges. These are a much better alternative for buying E-Cigarette liquid, first and foremost the selection is much more diverse usually offering an array of e-liquids from various locations and regions, exotic flavors, and several nicotine strengths. Another advantages of the hookah stores, smoke shops, and vapor stores / lounges is that they usually have a genuine and very knowledgeable staff that can offer useful advice from expert to novice levels. The only downside to the hookah stores, smoke shops, and vapor stores / lounges is that they are still a little bit pricey as they purchase from distributors for the most part. However after some comparative analysis one can tell if they are getting a good deal or not and can resort to negotiation tactics.

To buy e-cigarette liquid at retail or discount mega retailers or gas stations are another alternative when making a selection of where to buy e-Liquid as they have started carrying many of these items, we would like to steer you away from this as the Juice that they offer is usually mostly due to politics from distributors, from China, no regard for freshness, and usually the only incentive is low prices. As being avid in vaping our experiences with these e-cig juices has been negative.

So…where to buy e-cigarette liquid? Internet?

The recommended avenue to buy e-cigarette liquid is the internet. The internet is very diverse and overwhelming and it can be very hard sometimes to tell who is legit or not, however the variety and selection you can find is just amazing, you can even buy direct from manufacturers. You can find juices from all regions of the world and have them readily accessible at your fingertips. You can price compare, shop around, you name it. You can even source your own direct from international manufacturers in volume. The only downside is that you don’t have the face to face advice or the opportunity to sample products before you buy them. Our advice on where to buy e-cigarette liquid is to choose the location best for you but to steer clear of the rip-offs and people who don’t offer a wide selection when buying E-Cigarette liquid.